Friday, November 13, 2009

The social and more cooking

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I kept Neosporin on my burn every hour and it seems to be healing well and not peeling.

Another early morning for me, but I’m getting along alright. I find it hard to come back and take a nap though because I am always finding things I could be doing! Today I came back expecting to sleep, but I ate some pizza and prepared my baked goods instead. Then felt like I needed to get a jump start on selling them since it is a miraculously beautiful day.

My loaves went very well today. The apple and courgette was delicious. I think I like it better than the pumpkin/sweet potato. I sold out even though they went up in price 50cents. I saw a carrot cake for 6.50 and another for 5, so I’m a great value. However, people are coming in for produce and health items so it is more effort to talk them into buying sweets. Samples still help a lot but there are a few regulars that come in and forgo a sample because they know it’s good.

Erika came by to say hello and see about taking me up on the offer of my broadband stick after I am done with it. I also helped Teresa plan her trip to Prague as her father’s birthday present. I showed her the cheap bus tickets to Dublin and a web site to look up hotels in Prague.

After selling at the booth, I baked some almond-hazelnut chocolate crescents and Monica’s apple cake. The cake was not as thick as I was expecting. Monica said it was because I didn’t put in a lot of apples. I called it apple squares instead of apple cake. The crescents were unusual. At first I didn’t like them because it wasn’t really sweet, but they grew on me. They have a crumbly texture, but a nice essence of almond and chocolate drizzle.

At eight o’clock, Zach and I went to the BUNAC social to meet other people from the US, Australia and Canada on the same work program. I was amazed that there were so many people. I thought there were maybe five of us tops in Galway, but there were at least 25 people there. We had the whole upper level reserved at the Cellar bar. A girl sat down beside me and I realized I knew her. It was Laura, a girl I work with at the pharmacy. I didn’t even realize she was Canadian. I like her, but I am kind of glad I didn’t meet 30 people before hand cause I’m much happier with my other friends who I was quick to meet up with as soon as I could.

Marta, Jordi, Roberto, Monica, and Audrey (Monica’s new roommate from France), Zach and I all went out and played games at a pub. We did the drawing game for Monica and Audrey who had missed out on it. But it is an interpretation game with an umbrella, elephant, house, snake and ship.

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