Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shop Night

Thursday, November 19, 2009

When I was waiting at the elevator this morning on my way to work at 6:15am two Guarda officers and a woman who looked like she had been crying were coming up the stairs and asked me if I heard any disturbances or yelling last night. I said all I could hear was the rain, but I could be a heavy sleeper and was not sure. I thought it was strange. Given the circumstances of the match between Ireland and France last night, I would not be surprised if there were fights and disturbances.

Yesterday was the other match between France and Ireland. I didn’t see it, but supposedly Ireland was wronged by a goal that was considered a handball, but the ref didn’t call it. As a result France won and pushed Ireland out of the chance to go to the World Cup. That was all that was on the radio, and practically all the guys could talk about this morning at work. I used the opportunity to distract from the event and talk about the logistics of the futball organization instead.

Delivery didn’t come in today because of the crazy weather. The pharmacy is an English company, so shipments come over the Irish Sea. Evidentially, it was determined that it was too dangerous to get the ships across with the wind and rain. So, that means I got to do Christmas stock today and goof around a bit.

Ireland is actually experiencing flooding from the severe storms. Yesterday, four girls were killed and the other girl, the driver, survived the crash but she is in critical condition. They ran into a truck, possibly because of the weather. It would be awful to survive as the driver knowing your four other friends are dead. Pray for her.

I gave myself a haircut when I woke up from my nap today. I couldn’t sleep long. I didn’t really feel like it. I wasn’t anxious; I just couldn’t fall into a deep sleep again. I guess it was more of a power nap. The haircut was nothing drastic, but I did cut a lot off my bangs, which had gotten quite long. Someone looking at my hair probably couldn’t tell a difference, but I haven’t cut it since the beginning of the summer and the length hasn’t change a whole lot considering. The ends are breaking, so I gave it a trim to try and keep it healthy. I’m going through the “should I get it cut short when I get back or keep it long”??

I went to the grocery and got some pasta and milk for the carbonara I decided on for dinner. Instead of bacon, I used ham that I cooked with butter. I didn’t realize that it called for raw eggs, but you are to add them immediately after draining the pasta, with the idea that the heat from everything will still “cook” the egg. The recipe I used also called for a tsp. of wine vinegar (compliments of Mrs. Kester’s leftovers) to help curdle the milk to make it more like cheese. It was good, but maybe could have used more salt. I’m still experimenting with that one!

Zach and I now have TV dinners and it is glorious! However, to turn on the TV you have to change the channel. As a standard rule, the off button is only off not off/on.

After dinner and some Friends/Scrubs watching, I met Monica at Boots for some shopping. Amazingly, the rain had stopped. She was waiting on me with a surprise in hand. She had gotten me a chocolate ├ęclair just cause she passed by it and thought I might like it! How sweet. We went from the pharmacy to Pennys where it is always a bargain. Although I have some income now, I haven’t seen it yet and I should be saving it. I splurged on a 12 Euro shopping spree, so I would say I’m safe. Except that I still have to think about luggage weight. So…I’m organizing my suitcase as follows: To keep on the bottom. Near the top is throw out and on the very top are things I can add as extra layers if needed. I’m hoping that strategy works. I like to think ahead!

A new episode of Scrubs came on at 9, so I was back in time to watch that. Thursdays are shopping days where the shops stay open till 8 or 9 instead of 6 or 7. Don’t ask me why it is Thursday and not Friday or Saturday.

After that we met Paula, Julie, Beatrice and Clara at The Quays for an outing. I haven’t been out at night in a loooong time. Or at least it seems that way.

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