Sunday, November 15, 2009

Penthouse Level Please!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

For the first time in three months (today) I have access to television, unlimited internet, and constant heat! I feel like I am back home!

Work wasn’t so bad. Since I am on the morning team I got issued a safety alarm today, so Nanaw should feel proud and reassured. I got to work upstairs in the Christmas store room again. I like it up there. It’s secluded with only a few other people and not constant surveillance.

I went home after work excited about moving into my new apartment, but I needed to follow routine first. I thankfully remembered where I had stored a zinc lozenge in my book bag just before falling asleep last night, so I had that to help prevent it from getting worse. However, I still needed rest. I took a quick shower and a 20 minute nap. Most everything was packed up, so Zach and I ate some leftover Chinese from last night and headed out the door with the last of our things. We turned the keys back to Teresa and dropped our things off at the apartment on Merchant’s Road. We looked like hobos with all our sheets and belongings being carried through the streets.

It was supposed to be a rainy and windy day, but it wasn’t rainy at all. The sun was out all day and although it was chilly and windy, I was thankful it wasn’t pouring. For some reason my nose stays cold even if the rest of my body is warm. I have this problem at home in the winter, but here it is amplified. I feel like Clifford the Big Red Dog needing the sweater for his nose. Even at night when in bed, my body is mummified, but my nose remains to face the elements. Hopefully, I won’t have this problem in my new apartment.

Time passed slowly, but when the job finally came to an end it was straight to our new home. It was already dark, but the view seems very promising. Straight to the top floor (5th) on the elevator and we actually have a terrace overlooking the harbor. It isn’t private, but few come up there and we are the closest apartment to the access.

Tonight was the big game between France and Ireland, but it is also the UNC v Miami game which Zach and I tried to access via internet. After searching about twenty web sites we were unsuccessful at finding anything streaming for free. We thought we were at a loss, but then I had an idea. A ghetto-fabulous one! Thanks to Craig we got to watch the game at decent enough reception over skype! Carolina beat Miami and Ireland lost to France!!! What a great night.

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