Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Does anyone know how to….?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Often at work I cover the hair care section. I stock a lot of hair dye and it is almost making me want to dye my hair. When I expressed this sentiment today, a lady I worked with said I was crazy for wanting to change such a lovely color on my head. However, sometimes I get tired of it. I do love my hair color, but I wish I could go drastically different for a week or something then go back to the original. My hair is also not as blonde as it used to be. Lack of chlorine and sun this summer made it darker and being in Ireland does not help. The lady joked that by the time I leave here, my hair will be black. The vitamin store is advertising “sunshine in a box” deals on Vitamin D because of the extreme deficiency here.
After work I stopped in to Teresa’s to say hello and check on the mail. The ESB bill has not arrived (I’m scared of it), but my AIB banking information had…in four different envelopes. Wahoo! I officially have an overseas account.
I am hosting a Christmas Party this Saturday where we will be decorating Christmas cookies and having mulling cider. I needed Crisco for my icing recipe, but the only substitute turns everything a bit yellow and not white. I can use the icing I made for the gingerbread house with egg whites and powdered sugar, but I feel a bit uneasy about the raw eggs. Food coloring should help with the problem, but we just won’t have white icing. I have invited 17 people. I don’t expect them all to come, but I do think we will have a good turn out.
I have questions about baking abroad and I find that I am not the only one when I look it up on the internet:
Does anyone know where you can buy Vegetable Shortening (crisco type) in the uk like from asda or tescos?
Im originally from america and now moved to the uk, im just beginning to do my christmas baking, AND it seems like all my cookie recipes call for shortening back home i used crisco, but ive been up and down every isle in ASDA and TESCO and can not find a similar product anywhere, when i asked an employee they didnt have a clue what i was talking about. I know a lot of american products have a uk counterpart im sure there must be something similar to crisco over here does anyone know what the products called and in what general isle i might find it?

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we don't have crisco in the uk, but all the big supermarkets have veggie shortening, certainly sainsbury's do.

I was playing Where is Waldo today on the internet. I used to love that as a kid, but now I’ve discovered it reminds me too much of work...trying to find things, and it gave me a headache.

I’ve created a sporcle monster! I introduced Zach to sporcle tonight and that’s all he wanted to do the rest of the night. That and watch Extras (compliments of Monica). I can’t take Extras. The series is just too much, the awkwardness; it’s wrong.

I also spent the remainder of the evening exploring travel options in the US. You can fly from Wilmington to Orland for $80 round trip, plus taxes. You can get from Atlanta to St. Thomas for $350. Williamsburg (Busch Gardens) ticket prices are $62 for the day pass +$12 parking. I really miss home. I looked at the McAdenville Christmas lights and Old Salem.

Dinner was some Mexican bar-b-que fajitas Zach cooked up. Nice and filling. More than I can say for my pancakes last night, but at least I had fun making them.

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