Friday, November 13, 2009


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Even though I woke up at 9:30, I did not get up till 11. I was feeling much better and rested, but I would still get lightheaded and tired if I moved around too much or got in a hurry. I like to live at a fast-pace; always doing something, but my body was telling me to take it easy. I listened. I went downstairs to sell the almond-hazelnut chocolate crescents and apple cake I had baked on Tuesday. I remained there till 3:30 reading in my book, Un Lun Dun. I had bundled up so as not to make matters worse for myself and Teresa fixed a cup of tea for me as usual. Despite my protests, she continues to bring me a cup every time I am there.

I did not sell out. Only the loaf bread seems to sell out. The apple squares went well. But I still had one left. Although I got much praise for the crescents, there were still a good many left. I am satisfied though if I sell at least half of what I bake.

After I left Teresa’s I went over to borrow Marta’s large cooking pot and came back to attempt a soup for the first time. While the water was boiling, I took a shower. Then I fixed the soup by dumping in water, boiled chicken, noodles, a whole onion, carrots, olive oil, salt, and herbes de Provence.

I let it sit with Zach watching over it while I went to take a nap. I slept for about an hour till I was woken up by the doorbell. It was a girl coming to look at the apartment. When I poked my head out of my bedroom door, Zach was showing her around. I decided to go ahead and get up so she could see my room too.

The soup turned out to be more like noodles, and a lot of it! I had dumped the whole packet of noodles trying not to have a lot of food to haul over to the new apartment. It was tasty enough, but Marta’s was better. We have A LOT leftover.

After dinner I began to pack up all my things. Almost everything is in my suitcase and it weighs in at 49 lbs. (50 is the limit!) My carry on is 18 lbs (20 is the limit!). I am barely making it; hopefully, they won’t care if I am over (after my visit to Italy and Germany). Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It really depends on the attendant at the check-in counter.

I was feeling up to it, so I baked some oatmeal raisin cookies. They were supposed to have a marshmallow cream filling, but I tried substituting the cream for melted marshmallows and it was not satisfactory, so I used some leftover cream cheese icing instead. Everyone loves it. I had some time, so I also whipped up a chocolate picnic cake with fudge frosting. Can’t ever go wrong with that one. It’s Mimi’s recipe. I let them all cool and waited to package them in the morning.

Dreading getting up at 6, I went to be at 10pm. I'm having trouble sleeping at night. I sleep better in my naps now than I do at night. I think it's because I’m paranoid that I won't be able to fall asleep and get enough rest by the time I need to wake up, so I end up not sleeping at all. I went to bed really early, so I would toss and turn and still get enough sleep. The method seemed to work.

I hate this job. I dream about unpacking boxes - that's crazy! I don't get why it is affecting me so. I think maybe because it is an action I do so early in the morning it sticks in my mind. Weird things happen to me if I wake up too early in the morning. I just can't function properly before 9am. I vow never to have a real job that gets me up really early unless it pays extremely well.

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