Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Attack of the Rain

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Work was easy today. We did not get in much stock, so we were all done well before opening. In the leftover time, I was taken upstairs to do some e-learning modules on electric beauty. I went through male and females hair care, electric dental, and an overview.

Despite the tedious and occasionally insulting methods, I actually learned some things. Enough to know that I would like an electric toothbrush and that I do not brush long enough as it is. I also learned about battery life and memory. The reason they say to completely run the battery out before you recharge is because it will eventually only charge from that mid-way point and not use its full potential. I actually knew this, but I was unaware of how to fix it. If you run the battery full out and recharge it three times, it is supposed to get 80 percent of its life back. Good to know. I feel like I can tell you all about the men’s rotary and foil shavers. I learned about hair removal instruments I was not even aware of, but the also came with a disclaimer, so I’m glad I didn’t know about them.

When I got home from work I took a 2 hour nap and then ate some leftover lasagna.I went to the grocery store to buy some basics and came home to make dinner.

Today I made pancakes from scratch for dinner and I also tried a caramel sauce. It was cool to see sugar and water boil. It makes an exciting spectacle. It really wasn’t aware that caramel was mostly milk, sugar and vanilla.

The pancakes turned out well too. The first one was a flop (haha, no pun intended, but the rest formed well considering my limited tools for cooking.

After dinner, I was on the internet for awhile and Zach and I watched TV. My afternoons now get to be occupied by Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs. It’s wonderful.During this time, the heavens poureth down. I haven’t seen anything like it in Ireland. We actually had thunder and lightening – very rare. The streets were finally flooding and the rain was so hard we could hardly hear the TV. Eventually, the TV signal got knocked out because the rain and wind were so harsh. It came back on, but it was a tad scary, especially since we have huge windows looking out over all the city.

We were half way through another Michael Cain movie when Marta texted me to see if I wanted to come down for hot chocolate. I had called her earlier to see if she wanted to run to the grocery with me, so she was getting back to me.

Demi was there and they had all just returned from their lessons. We sipped on a rich hot chocolate and munched on chocolate orange cookies. Demi showed me her latest creation in felt, which was a gorgeous flower that looked kind of like plumeria – my favorite. I brought up a picture online, and she said they have them on her island! I knew they grow in , but I guess it is just a tropical thing.

Jordi, Marta and I breached the topic of religion for awhile and I felt very comfortable discussing it with them. I realized it was after 11pm, so I said my goodnights and went upstairs – still in my footies and lounge clothes. I love not having to go outside!

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