Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spanish lessons for cooking lessons

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Today had some disappointing events. I never got a call from the pharmacy about the job. I will give it till tomorrow to hear back from them, and then I will call myself. I also did not sell out for the first time today down at Teresa’s. The Irish don’t seem to be as fond of confectionary items as they are bread-like items. I sold out of the pumpkin cookies quickly, but was left with three out of the five bags of puppy chow (I did rename it). I was going to go for a walk today, but I didn’t think I could manage not getting soaked by the cold rain that rarely lets up for more than 15 minutes. It was a little warmer today than yesterday, but still in the high 40s, low 50s. The wind and the dampness from the rain make it feel even colder. The sun rises at 8 and sets at 5. In between there is a mix of rain and sun. I never would have believed how much it rains here. I would think that the whole country would have to be flooded.
Last night I lay awake plotting my trip to Italy. I think I figured out that if I can leave the 4th then I can take a flight to Bologna and a 50 minute train to Florence where I can remain the 4,5,6, and leave on the 7th for Frankfurt and take the overnight train to meet my parents. I actually only spend an additional 50 Euros doing all that and probably save money by spending it on food in Italy where it is cheaper than Ireland, especially Dublin where I would be instead. It’s a thought.

I finished my Nancy Drew novel today. I couldn’t put it down. It’s an easy read; I admit. The case of the Glowing Eye, yea yea yea, a bit corny but entertaining. At 5pm Zach and I left to meet Marat and Jordi for Spanish lessons – Paula couldn’t make it today. Jordi divided his time between Zach and me, but was more apt at teaching beginner Spanish, so Zach joined in on Marta and Benedict’s more advanced lesson. At 7 Jordi left for futball practice, so I went back to the apartment to fix dinner while Zach stayed longer with the two girls. Amazingly it wasn’t raining when I walked back to the apartment and I was tempted to go for a run. However, I discovered that working out in the house is the best way to keep warm and feel better altogether. I threw together a make shift zumba routine for some nostalgic memories and a bit of a sweat. I had enough time to get a shower before Marta came over after her English lessons to help me bake the pumpkin cookies. I added a little extra of everything so she could take some home too. Instead of making the sandwich, this time I left them as a cookie with icing and Marta suggested sprinkles, or something on top. I got some chocolate squares and a carrot peeler and created shavings to sprinkle on top. It’s all about presentation and they look very gourmet. I’m hoping to redeem myself tomorrow!

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