Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eddie Rockets: Position Terminated

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ever work with those high energy people? Sometimes they are the way over excited and pepped up people, and sometimes they are the stressed out and frazzled people. These people tend to pull everyone around them into their elevated levels of emotion, which can be a good thing, but more often than not it is exhausting for those around them.

I worked with a frazzled type this morning up in the stock room where a larger than normal amount of boxes were waiting to be sorted. It didn’t seem that bad, and as far as I am concerned it would eventually get done, and the longer it takes, the more occupied you are. However, she did not seem to share my sentiment. It’s not often I hear that many curse words from someone even to be Irish. She wasn’t cursing me, just the universe I guess. She kept thanking me for my help. The best thing to do is to try to keep a calm demeanor and work efficiently around those people, while occasionally asking them questions so that they remain in control, but still know what you are doing.

After work I went around checking off some of my Christmas list. I have decided it would be fun to get little goodies for my really good friends here, especially since they have been so accommodating and will be ever so much in the near future. I actually put a bit of thought into what to get everyone and I am pretty proud of what I came up with for the most part. There have been a few toughies.

When I got back home, I took my nap and kept napping because of the rain. I had told Zach that when I woke up we should probably go get groceries for the dinners coming up, but I was not about to try to go traipsing across town in the downpour carrying bags of groceries.

It finally let up a smidge, so I got out of bed and we braved a drizzle with multi-layered jackets. I stopped at The Gaff to print off all of my upcoming bus and plane tickets while Zach went on with the list. When I arrived at Lidle, he had almost finished the shopping so we picked up the remainder of what we could find on the list such as a ready bake, self-basted turkey with giblets and a pop up timer weighing in at 9.7 lbs! (It was only 10 Euro) and we got a turkey roasting pan to be safe. We split the bill and he took those groceries back while I went on to Tesco to get what could not be found at Lidle.

The trip back was mostly dry with the exception of puddles. I saw Mei in the window of Eddie Rockets, so I stopped in to say hello. Good thing I did because she had some big news for me. Our paychecks had come in, so I picked those up and she informed me that John had decided for us not to come in next weekend thanks to the likelihood of a big thunderstorm. So…I am DONE with Eddie Rockets. A rather anti-climatic finish.

I gave Zach the news when I got home as well as his paycheck. It was bittersweet because we were kind of expecting another paycheck, but oh well. A least now I have some down time with my friends.

I made a lemon caper chicken for dinner (without the capers). It had paprika, button mushrooms, lemon, garlic, butter, salt and pepper. It was actually pretty tasty. I had the recipe, but I had never made it before.

After dinner we met the Eddie Rockets staff at Kelly’s bar for the sending away party of Mei who is returning to China. She and most of the people who worked there are from the Northeast part of China. I talked to John’s wife for a long time (also Chinese) about the country itself. She is really nice. At first, Zach and I felt a little on the outside since we work there but not with anyone. Most of the staff is Chinese with some Polish and Irish. We talked to a few people and felt a little more comfortable. One girl from Moldova seemed cold at first, but became easy to talk to once the ice was broken. John bought everyone a drink on the company, so I had a cider. I thought that was very nice of him. There was large card passed around to sign and a huge cake. More whipped than the thick cakey texture we are accustomed to.

We told Mei goodbye, and she walked us out after saying we should exchange e-mails in case we were ever in China! We left Kelly’s after about 2.5 hours and stopped in at The Quays to see the au pairs and Italians who had gathered there. I only stayed about 30 minutes before I left to go to bed, but it was nice to see people I know. The girls and I talked about the New Moon for a bit. I had heard mixed reviews about it, but I think it was good enough. Something nice to look at in the least : )

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