Monday, November 9, 2009

Long day in Training

Friday, November 6, 2009

This morning I started training for the pharmacy at 10am and it lasted until 7 pm with an hour break for lunch and another 30 minute break in the afternoon. There were three videos that we watched. I learned that there are four fire extinguishers. The red one is water, cream is foam, blue is powder and black is carbon dioxide (most common in America). Each is used for a different type of fire. For example: electrical fires require the carbon dioxide extinguisher while it is best to use the foam on contained flammable liquids and the powder on running liquids. I thankfully got paid for the training, so I didn’t mind as much, but the computer modules were tedious and occasionally insulting of my intelligence, but I can see how they are necessary. I had to do more written exercises from a manual and then go over contracts and guidelines. I also signed a security contract about searches and social networking. Ever since Facebook became so popular, they have had some problems with co-workers talking about other co-workers and it getting out of hand, so it is now a clause in the contract. As far as the searches: I can be searched at anytime and so can my things. I am not allowed to have money in my pockets and if there is anything that could have been purchased at the drugstore then I must have a receipt with it to prove I paid for it. I can understand I guess, but wow! They don’t seem to trust their employees. Probably a good policy though. Thankfully, I don’t have pockets on the pants I wear so no problems there!

During my lunch break I had enough time to set up a bank account at AIB (yea! I have a foreign bank account!) and talk to Teresa about moving out. Teresa surprisingly said that we could move out whenever, and if we did relocate to the Kester’s apartment on the 14th then it would be enough time for her to advertise and hopefully get someone when we leave. Kathleen had called me too about possibly staying with us for a week while she relocated to another place. I was ecstatic, but trying to be a bit pessimistic and plan for it all to fall through- just in case.

When I got back from a long day I walked in the door and saw a coat hanging up that I did not recognize as Zach’s. I walked up the stairs and was greeted by a kitchen full of people! Marta, Demelsa, Zach, Roberto and Jordi were all in my kitchen. Some people you don’t want to see after a long day, but the people I know here are the ones who will always be welcome to be standing in my kitchen.

Zach had fixed a coconut chicken curry from scratch. I had been encouraging him to use the recipe books I had and he did! It tasted wonderful too. Nam accompanied it – an Indian flat bread that is quite good.

As expected, something fell through and Kathleen said she would not need to stay with us for a week because her landlord was going to let her stay on at a reduced rate till they found a replacement. It probably worked for the best because I wouldn’t want to be waking her up every morning at 6.

We all sat around the table talking for awhile, but I was so tired. I stayed behind when everyone left to go out. I had to be up at 6am…and stay awake working till 6pm. Eek!

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