Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Indoors Day

Monday, November 2, 2009

Today I got out of bed at 1:30pm. I literally did not wake up till 11:50 and then stayed in bed for a bit dozing in and out. I obviously had some sleep to catch up on. It was so cold outside and even in my room; I had no desire to leave the warmth of my duvet. When I finally did get up, I went to buy internet and returned home. Yeah!!! I have internet! He remainder of the day was spent inside. I wrote journals and read and watched an old Michael Caine movie called “Then There Were Giants”. It is almost like a documentary, but an older theatrical interpretation of correspondence between Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin during WWII. It gets dark very early and all I could hear was rain. Rain all day long! The only highlight of the day was a call from Boots pharmacy about a job opening. I didn’t recognize the number and I thought it may be the interior decorating place I recently turned a CV into. However, it was the pharmacy that still had my CV from September. The man did not say exactly what the job was, but to come in for an interview tomorrow at 11.

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