Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th! Last day at Teresa’s (living and baking)

Friday, November 13, 2009

So now that it seems I have gotten over the flu symptoms, I am getting a sore throat. With the weather, my early hours, time outside and at least two of my friends sick all the time it is sooo hard to stay well. I move into my new apartment tomorrow and most of my stuff is already over there. We got our security deposit back today, so I've come into a lot of cash, especially after Eddie Rockets pays me tomorrow. I think I will deposit it into my new overseas bank account. So glad I got one of I can check that goal off my list of aspirations in life. I think I will just transfer my money and not close it. See how long I can keep it before it just goes away. OOOOO - maybe I will always keep a little money in it and then I can always have euros when I travel. Oh marvelous! No more worries about fees on withdrawals in Europe.

Work this morning was alright. I at least woke up rested. I had to find a way to give myself little breaks and not overexert myself. I drank plenty of water while there too. I went straight home took a shower and a two hour nap after work. I might not have felt really tired, but the nap proved that I was. I slept like a baby. When my alarm finally went off, my eyelids were so heavy I could hardly open them. I got up and ate some leftover steak and set up downstairs much later than usual. Sadly, I had missed the lunch crowd at the produce stand, but I stayed from 2-5:30. I did not sell out, but the chocolate picnic cake was a hit. The crescents still did not sell well. To be honest, I did not like them when I first tasted them, but they grew on me. They are not extremely sweet, so they would be good with coffee or tea or even hot chocolate (not too much of an overdose since they aren’t that sweet).

While I was selling today, a lady came in who asked me a bunch of direct questions in a seemingly unfriendly tone. I think that was just her way of conducting a conversation, but she asked me who baked the items. When I replied it was myself, she asked me who I was. I told her I lived upstairs and Teresa lets me sell down here sometimes. She then told me that she liked what I had made and asked how long I would be around. I told her today was my last day selling at Teresa’s and that I would be leaving in two weeks. She replied that it was a shame because they could have used something like this at McCambridge’s. That is the fancy gourmet shop on Shop Street. Woah!!! What? She said I should have come in to sell the cakes to her. It was flattering and disappointing at the same time. I wish I would have known I could do that. Although I have two weeks left, they would want something more long term and I’m am honestly tired of baking on a schedule! It isn’t as fun when you don’t do it for fun.

At 5:30 I packed up shop and went to straighten a few things upstairs. Marta, Roberto and Jordi came over to help Zach and I carry things to the new apartment since they live two floors below us now! While we waited on Teresa to come and check the apartment and give us our deposit back they took stuff over.

We finally got over with everything and Mr. Kester showed us the ropes of the new place and gave me the key. He leaves at 6:30am, but I will be up then too! Boo!

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