Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Kesters are Awesome!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I slept like a baby! It was amazing. I was warm and comfortable. The pillows are made of down and a bug in a rug couldn’t have been happier. I got the bigger room this time since Zach has had the big room for the last few months. His bathroom is bigger, but mine is connected to my room. I am so content I could pop! I don’t want these 10 days to be up.

I woke up at 9:30 and tried to stay in bed, but I just started reading around 10:30. I am almost finished with Un Lun Dun. It is a very environmentally aware book and every time I see broken umbrellas lying around or pollution I think about the book. It’s 520 pages, so I’ve been proud of my progress through it. I think I might try to pick up a Wrinkle In Time next.

In Italy I got what I expected out of the trip and more. Here in Ireland I haven’t gotten what I expected, but I’ve learned a lot through experience and I’ve learned more about myself as well. I wouldn’t say that both are equally exciting and am glad I have had both experiences within two years of each other.

Here is a little bit of non sequitor:

The appearance of Prostitots and Sororistots at home is the average Irish girl’s appearance here. The make-up is caked on the face to an extent that I am tempted to draw my finger across it and see the deep marks it makes.

Words are different too scheme does not have the negative connotation it has at home. Here it simple means something like a plan.

That being said, when Zach and I were passing by the “donations to handicap” table outside of the mall, the man we always see said something to me like “you’re a –osse” I have no idea what he said, but it didn’t seem nice. I stopped and asked him what he said. He repeated it and I still didn’t get it. I had a blank look and he said never mind. I assume it was some Irish word I am unfamiliar with, but like I said…it wasn’t meant to be nice. This bothered me. Aside from not donating every time we pass by, we have never bothered him whatsoever. I couldn’t understand why he would harass me. I told Zach and we continued to walk our route around the park. When we got back to the man I stopped. I asked him to repeat what he was saying because I did not understand, did he want a stamp (although I knew that wasn’t true). He just said, “don’t worry about it lovie” and patted my shoulder. I am not sure what to think of it, but he never said anything else when we passed him.
Monica has had it worse though. She is working with Amnesty International to get people to sign petitions about human rights violations. That is what she has been doing ever since the café changed hands. Some very rude people have said unkind things to her. People disrespectfully throw things at the volunteers and someone set off a stink bomb near their table.

Austin Powers comes on TV tonight and I am thrilled to be able to watch movie on an actual television!!

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