Monday, November 9, 2009

It seems I am Employed by a Pharmacy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I did it!!! I got to work on time and I wasn’t too tired. I separated crates, unpacked boxes, shelved merchandise, and catalogued it in storage. I don’t know if they plan on training me on the register or not. Since I had to sign the security agreement, I won’t be talking about my job much but I think I will like it enough despite the hours. The people seem pleasant. I got a pack of tissues accidentally thrown my way and the apologies and teasing/joking that followed made me feel welcome, like part of the team. They started off playing Christmas music (!!!) until some employees complained and they changed it.

It was a quick turn around to go work for Eddie Rockets at 12, but I made it through the cold and rainy day. Every time Zach and I passed by a doorway emitting warm heat we tried to stay close for awhile before walking on.

After work Marta called me to come watch Demelsa make pumpkin fritters out of flour, milk, sugar, pumpkin, and egg. Evidentially, the mischievous Roberto had added some water he should not have added when left in charge of some stirring and so Demalsa was not satisfied with the result. She needed more flour, so I offered up mine and she and I made the trip to my apartment and back. She fried them up and served with honey. They reminded me of fair food, so I could only eat one, but it was tasty. Marta had made chicken noodle soup and offered that to everyone as well. She and I took some soup over to Monica’s who is still a shut-in with flu-like symptoms – but not seemingly the swine flu. She said she felt better, but it is still too cold for her to venture outside.

At 9:30 Zach left to meet up with Johanna (French), Julie (Austrian) and another girl Beatrice (Swedish). Roberto (Italian) and I (American) followed at 10. I stayed till 11 listening to the music at Monroe’s pub and trying to talk over it, but not being very successful. I walked home with Beatrice when she left at 11. We both needed to get some sleep, so I was glad to have to opportunity to walk back with someone earlier. Since this was my first time meeting her, it was nice to be able to hear each other talk as we walked. She is an au pair for four Irish children! I don’t know if I could handle that many all the time.

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