Monday, November 2, 2009

The First of Many Goodbyes

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The day started off at 11:50am. I rolled out of bed wishing I had about 3 more hours to sleep for my wonderful nine hours a night! While walking Shop St., one guy today said “Hey runner girl”. It took me a minute to figure out it was the guy from the Galway half marathon I “ran”. He remembered me. We also saw into Julie from last night. She was the Austrian. I really like her. She has the warming kind of personality that just makes you feel at ease. She stood there and talked to us for awhile. I even learned some German. Ich heisse – my name is and wo ist die toilette – where is the bathroom. She was waiting on Johanna to go to a football match. We said goodbye to them and carried on with our day.

The people I’ve met have been wonderful. Teresa was telling me about people who enjoy traveling tend to be in the mindset of making friends. They are also in the frame of mind to allow experiences to affect them in a more open minded way. I suppose this is true of the people I have met while abraod.

I had mentioned to Marta last night that I might try to put together a scavenger hunt to play at Marzia’s going away party. I came up with the clues while walking around today. There were six stops not too far from each other that included Oscar Wilde statue, King’s Head pub, telephone booth, Bridge Mills School, a life preserver, the library and the final location back at Marta and Jordi’s apartment. It was a lot of fun thinking of clues. It reminded me of the birthday party Sarah and I had when we turned 13 I think. We had car loads of girls being driven all around Gastonia for a city wide scavenger hunt that our wonderful families had set up for us.

After our break, Mrs. Kester found us to say her final goodbye and hand over some subway coupons. She said to just call George about moving in to their apartment. If only he would be in Singapore a week later we could leave our apartment and then stay in a hostel for a few days, but I wouldn’t want to stay in a hostel for ten days.

One thing about all the rain in Ireland is that it makes for some beautiful and dynamic clouds when it isn’t raining. Today was very cold, especially when the sun went down. The coldest it has been yet. It was like October was mild and then all the sudden BOOM – November – COLD.

Zach and I were supposed to be at the Spanish house (I will not call Marta and Jordi’s which includes Roberto as of today) by 9:30. We arrived a little before 10 because it took us awhile to set up the clues and stop by the only open convenience store to get a prize. I was going to try and mix ice cream with a soda, but it was so cold we decided a bottle of wine would be better.

When we arrived a spread of potato tortilla containing chorizo salami and a delicious pasta casserole with b├ęchamel cheese sauce were placed on the table for all to enjoy. Dessert was a Venetta – the folded ice cream with chocolate shavings. We sat around for a bit telling jokes. Demelsa was back from holiday with her au pair family and she told a few corny jokes about tomatoes and potatoes. Marta told a few more and we went out to find our clues. It started raining at the second spot, so we ran from there picking up clues and deciphering them for the next location. They seemed to enjoy it and appreciate the game, but I wish it hadn’t started raining in addition to the cold. Everyone was bundled in at least two jackets over many other layers. The clues led back to the apartment where a bottle of wine was waiting to be opened. We all had a glass and sat around talking waiting on Marzia’s bus to leave. She was catching the 2am bus to Dublin to catch a plane back to Milan. A little before 2 we all strolled down to the bus stop and sent her off with many goodbyes, but not before she realized she had left her camera’s memory card back at the apartment. Jordi was able to use his futball skills and sprint to the apartment and back just in time to save the day…er…night. We all quickly hurried home because it was so cold!

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