Monday, October 26, 2009


Thursday, October 8, 2009

I got a text from Eddie Rockets around 2 asking if Zach and I could work since TKMaxx actually opened Thursday not Friday. I negotiated extra hour, and secured our hours for Friday still.
During the shift we would switch back and forth from front to back entrance and I’d take the opportunity to look at the goods by taking my hat off and going through the store instead of around it.
Turned out we did so well wanted us back for Friday with even longer hours. Good for the wallet, bad for my sanity and Ryan will be arriving tomorrow. I’l have to work something out.

After work I had a meeting with Tara from the Gaf. She showed me the ropes and told me I’d be primarily helping to plan and implement the Halloween party. She will be leaving for ‘Oz’ (Australia) for three weeks to see her sister, so I will only see her one more time before she leaves. It’s a shame because she’s really nice and I’d like to spend more time around her.

After my meeting with Tara I went to Monica’s and we watched Adventureland, while sipping some soup she had thrown together. She likes creative cooking as much as I do, but I think she might be braver with her creations…at least she does it more often. After the movie we watched YouTube videos of Disney songs in Norwegian, so I could hear how it sounds. Even thought I can’t translate a single thing, the melody is still the same and the language is actually really pretty. It’s not harsh sounding. We started watching Alice in Wonderland, but I left to meet up with the others before it was over. I still have never seen that movie all the way through. Monica didn’t feel like going out, but I had to go out to get home anyway, so I left for Crane Bar. Since many of our friends were leaving for Cork they were celebrating Zach’s birthday as well as Ilsa’s whose actual birthday was that night. Zach was given a leprechaun hat/beard mask for his present. It got passed around for everyone to try and have their picture made. I hope that photo never surfaces! Roberto pulled out the 20 Euro that he, Zach, Chin and I had come across the night before and bought each of those people a drink. Chin was actually there too, but with some other friends. Roberto mentioned that he goes swimming sometimes at the recreational community pool, and I might try to go with him sometime if it isn’t too expensive. That would be awesome actually. I even brought a bathing suit just in case. These guys are so much fun to be around, always energetic and happy- all of them.

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