Friday, October 30, 2009

A job well done

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My preventative measures seemed to work because I woke in the morning feeling refreshed and not ill.

After I got up, I went to mall to check on the other produce and buy more OJ. I priced the specialty bread at two of the stands there and found that they were priced between 3-8 Euro. I had thought I would sell my bread for 2.50 a loaf since that was pricey for actual bread n the grocery, but for a specialty dessert loaf it seemed cheap. I made the loaf 3 Euro and Teresa suggested that 2.99 sounded better and was basically still 3 Euro.

I set up at Teresa’s and planned to stay till 4, but after two and half hours I had sold all 10 loaves. Teresa couldn’t have been nicer. She fixed me tea – some of the best I’ve had yet. And informed some customers of why exactly I was there. The people would come in and look at me as I offered them a piece to try. Some would take it while others would politely decline. There were not many people who took a slice without purchasing a loaf. I would always get comments about how moist it was and how the taste was sweet but satisfying. It was so popular that when I had sold out a lady tried a piece and asked if I would be baking anymore. When I saw Teresa later in the day she said I had a request for two more loaves from her neighbor, but not to set them aside tomorrow if I could sell them anyway. I was so excited; I could hardly wipe the grin off my face. Teresa had asked me if I wanted to come back tomorrow. Her son would be in for her, but she said I could have the same set up as today and maybe if I wanted to add something like those cookies I had baked for her then that might go over as well as long as I had samples.

I will admit that I was worried (paranoid may be a better word) about the cakes. Even though I tested them twice each to make sure they were done in the middle, I always have this fear when I am giving other people baked goods that they won’t be cooked all the way. I was glad to hear that someone had requested two more loaves because that meant they were not only tasty, but cooked!

As I was leaving the shop I Monica popped in trying to find me and asked if I wanted to go with her to find a Halloween costume. She had purchased a dress and wanted to be a cat, but needed ears. I told her I could make some, so we went back to her apartment and had our cheesecake and green tea instead. We left the apartment at 4 to pick her parents up from the bus station. They would be visiting for the next five days from Norway. When I met her parents, they seemed as nice as could be. Her father was a man of few words (as most men are) and her mother seemed as sprightly as she. Mr. Saebo is a legitimate fisherman, which I think is cool. Currently, he has nets out for lobster and crab, which he hopes will be full when he returns. I walked with them a ways before parting to go back to my apartment and get read for dinner with the Kesters.

I had a little time before we had to be there, so I went ahead and made Monica’s cat ears. I’m not sure if they look more like mouse ears, but I can trim them down if she wants me too. They are paper and cardboard, so I hope it doesn’t rain!

I took a pumpkin loaf over to the Kesters and Mrs. Kester served us chili and quesadillas with an avocado and mandarin salad. I ate around the avocado chunks, but I liked the dressing, which also contained avocado. The chili had kidney beans, which I ate as well despite the chalky texture. I don’t mind the taste, just the texture. Conversation was never lacking and mainly centered on world travel and stories of their trips around the world. Mr. Kester goes skiing with his son in the Alps sometimes and informed me that the weather should not be a problem for the roads in Germany in December (I’m writing that so I don’t forget to tell my parents!).

Mr. Kester said that he was glad one of us made the decision to come up to introduce ourselves back at the music festival. He wasn’t sure he would have the courage to do that. I told him that once I found out they were from Charlotte, I decided I wanted to meet them, and since they had stayed around to talk to the speaker at the lecture as well then I saw my opportunity!

We had the option of playing scrabble or watching a movie. I would not have minded a game of scrabble, but the men seemed to prefer the movie. We started watching a movie that was so thickly accented with Irish that we stopped it and put in another murder mystery movie that captivated my attention with the who done it most of the way through. Turned out they all done it! After the movie, we told them about our magnificent trip to London and took a picture of the four of us. Zach explained his next path of life getting certified in Ecuador to teach English then staying there for awhile to teach. If it works out for him, maybe I might want to do that someday. The school is right on the beach. Sounds so much nicer than cold rainy Ireland! We said goodbye and left for home (yea, I said home). I still had a lot of baking to do before tomorrow.

It is a good thing I had to stay up to bake - electricity is cheaper at night and the Irish would not let me sleep even if I wanted to. They make Halloween last a whole week. There was a line outside of the club near our place lasted the whole block even with the rain coming down. Everyone was yelling and in fancy dress (costumes) just as slutty as the ones you would find on Franklin St., Chapel Hill. I will note that Galway is a college town and I can not vouch for the rest of Ireland. I’m sure it is a little more sleepy than here. Erynn noted at lunch yesterday that the she thinks the Irish don’t drink that much at once, they just drink everyday, but the college students are the ones here binge drinking. It is my opinion that Ireland in general has a drinking problem – period. I’ve received mail with public awareness messages stamped on the front of official items saying “know your drinking limits” or “don’t drink and drive”. If it comes on mail and isn’t meant as just mailers then that tells me there is problem.

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