Monday, October 26, 2009

No Eddie Rockets for me!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Since an attempt to go to the market failed on Saturday there was another attempt on Sunday. However, the market was about half its Saturday size and many of the stalls were lacking in produce. Disappointed, we returned to create a sandwich I had been crafting in my head for a few days now. I had all the necessary ingredients waiting we just had to construct it. There was whole mill bap bread sliced and toasted, melted butter, pesto and sun dried tomato (from the market the previous week), light cream cheese, brie cheese and ham. Altogether, it was very tasty. Go easy on the pesto though because it can overpower other ingredients easily. We stopped by Griffin’s to pick up a strawberry dessert to share. Both of us thought it would be more like cheesecake, but it was mousse instead. Being sweet, I still enjoyed it! We took our goodies with us out to the park by the beach, which was actually very chilly. Once we had finished up and strolled around Galway city centre it was time to think about dinner. We acquired some rare ingredients to Mexican food at the Lidle (like an Aldi), which we used to make chicken fajitas. They were delicious and a much missed category (Mexican) to my diet. The best discovery was a bag of tortilla chips already covered in a chili powder (I can’t find plain ones here), but when dipped in salsa – delicious. There is no way that they are remotely good for you, but they taste wonderful.

After dinner Zach, Ryan and I were headed to Roisin Dubh to see a band called Kev Fox play who we had heard on the streets. Their sound was wonderful. It was smooth, full of emotion, and rhythmic. However, the cover charge was 10 Euro. I was willing to fork over 5, but not exactly 10. Zach made a purchase of their CD, which he later said was nothing like what we had heard them playing. It makes me wonder now if maybe we should have stayed to listen. Regardless, we ended up at Crane Bar again where were joined by Monica, Marta and Demelsa. The Crane Bar is known for live traditional music, so it is a place we usually end up, but it also gets really crowded. So we all said goodbye before midnight and headed for our nice cozy beds.

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