Monday, October 26, 2009

Ryan Arrives!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I was going to go running, but it was raining and I stayed in bed till I had to go to work. I was not sure how I was going to work it since we did such a good job that John wanted us to work longer and Ryan was going to show in the middle of my shift, but I turned out that he took an earlier bus and showed up right at the beginning of my shift, so I quickly showed him to the apartment and left him with the key to take a nap (whew, what a run-on!).

While I was working in front of TKMaxx, I had this flashback to when I was a Girl Scout trying to sell cookies at the mall when a lady told me “maybe I’ll get one on the way out”.

When Zach and I got back at 4 I came home to an apartment decorated for Halloween!!! My room even had orange and purple lights, and there was candy in the kitchen! It was awesome. I couldn’t have been happier to have Ryan there and some Halloween spirit.

I woke him up to take a walk around Galway. If I let him sleep he’d never set his internal clock right! We walked down the Salthill promenade by the beach. The weather had improved, but the rain was still coming and going every 5 minutes. On the way back we stopped at Zatsuma and shared a melted marshmallow delight crepe. The mixture was heaven to my taste buds. It was supposed to be marshmallow, chocolate sauce, ice cream and M&M, but they were out of the latter, so I switched it up with strawberries instead (which I think was better).

Since it was Zach’s birthday, Monica, Roberto, Demelsa, Ryan and I went to McDonagh’s seafood (native ‘Captain D’s’-style place) with fresh fish and chips for dinner. I actually ordered the cod. It was tasty, but then again I used to like Captain D’s back in the day ☺

It was 8 when we finished dinner, and a bit early for a night on the town so we crashed Monica’s apartment for a little bit before a string of places like Massimo’s, The Crane Bar (for a bluegrass band) and Hole in the Wall. I have to saw I was not as impressed with Hole in the Wall as I was expecting. People kept telling me to go there, but it was not the classic Irish place I imagined. The look may have been, but not the feel. I might need to give it another try sometime.

We actually finished the night up with Eddie Rockets and a slice of pie as Zach’s birthday cake.

The bread I made at Monica's!

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