Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lisbon treaty

I learned more about the Lisbon treaty, which they vote on October 2. It is actually pretty cool to be here during this time in politics. At least I don’t have a television, so I get to avoid all the political ads on TV, which I’m not even sure they have. I admit I have not researched it myself yet (limited internet), but I have talked to different people about the treaty. Supposedly, the Irish have the ability to approve or veto this version of how the EU will be run. The Lisbon treaty is a proposal to centralize power in the EU and allow for a more democratic system within the EU, but it would require individual countries to give up much of their own governing power. There are problems with the proposal as with any, but this one seems to contain provisions that would allow employers to pay minimum wage to workers that is the same as the country which they are from. This system if I understand it correctly would maybe balance out, but also cause many immigrants to go home. I’d have to look into it more, but I’m curious as to which way the vote will go. There are about equal numbers of campaigners and signs for each side.

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