Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Character Development

Monday, October 5, 2009

I returned my movies today; thankfully, avoiding a late fee. I stopped by Ann-Marie’s bakery to see if I could observe and if she had anyone who might need a babysitter. Sadly, she is out for the rest of the week then I am gone for two weeks, so maybe it is for the best that I ask her when I get back at the end of the month.

I traveled across the river to a thrift store to find some plates for 60 cents. I purchased two to make a grand total of five in our cabinet. Since Erika is coming I thought we might need some more. I also spent over an hour on the internet at the Gaf trying to figure out how to get the October special of 1 Euro bus tickets on Citylink to a variety of destinations. I got very frustrated and finally went to the main office across town. They were unable to help me since the purchase had to be done online, but I was able to learn that once there was only a small selection of 1 Euro seats and once they ran out that was it. On the way back I found some Halloween lights in the 2 Euro store, but it turned out they wouldn’t reach from the single outlet in my room to the window where they could hang, so I exchanged them for an 8 pk. of tapered candles which I stuck in two wine bottles for what eventually should be drippy candles.

Zach made another version of Indian food. It was tasty and a little spicy, but just right for me. Chicken, peppers, rice, onion
Fruit flies have multiplied in the trash. It’s ridiculous. I’ve gotten pretty good at grabbing them out of thin air. It reminds me of Sarah’s house senior year of high school when we had to take our AP Biology project home for the holidays. I feel like we might have to get some fly killer.

Monica Zach and I planned on going to the 7pm showing of The Invention of Lying. The previews looked kind of funny, and I thought I’d give it a shot. Monica showed up at our apartment with Marta and Demelsa who she’d run into on the street. They were out selling felt broaches they had handcrafted with amazing perfection and detail. I am definitely going to support their craftsmanship.

Through out the night, I discovered they are both fine arts majors. Both girls can draw very very well (well I guess I should say women because Marta will be 29 in two weeks, but she doesn’t look a day over 25) Spanish women seem to always look younger than they really are. It’s crazy! Demelsa showed us pictures of her paintings later when we were back at their apartment. She is an amazing artist and has a very distinct style of her own in the paintings.

The movie was average. I wasn’t as impressed with it as I thought I might be. I felt bad for Demelsa especially, because it was hard for her to understand a lot of what was going on. Being British comedy, much was missed through lack of understanding in the dialogue.

After the movie the five of us went for tea and coffee at a little French bistro just around the corner from my apartment. I pass by it everyday, but I’d never taken the opportunity to go be continued

Went to Jorge not Mannuel, oops, cant believe we thought that was his name the whole time.

Willow, silkpaper and glue

Citylink tickets

Demelsa said she might leave

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