Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Shift at Amnesty

Friday, October 02, 2009

I’ve decided I need to start running, so I figured I could at least try everyday before I start my two weeks of vacation. I had forgotten how mental running is, especially when you’re not in the habit. After five minutes I was ready to give up. I ran down to the beach walk then turned around. I probably ran a mile, maybe a little more. When I got back I stretched and did some exercises to make up for my lack of distance running.

Before heading off to Amnesty for what would be the last time, I went to see Teresa to pay rent. She said the apartment was ours and we were able to do with it what we liked – fit as many people as you want, but the rent is the same for her. She also had no suggestions for anyone needing babysitting since she lives outside of the city. I told her to keep her ears open if any customers mentioned something.

I went in early to Amnesty for lunch since I still had not tried the food there. Monica was behind the counter and she made me a pesto, sun dried tomato, cream cheese, lettuce bagel for lunch with a bowl of vegetable soup and bread. It was delicious. She took her lunch break and ate with me. I finished just in time to make a few purchases of a bag of coffee and the incense – memories of the café. Marie Ann gave me some bars of the out-of-date chocolate as well!

I shared my shift with Victor and was kept very busy up till I got a text from John asking if we could be on the street for Eddie Rockets from 3:30-6:30. At 3:25 I said goodbye to Marie Ann and thanked her for the opportunity to work at the shop since it resulted in many good friends. It was a sad moment, but I also had to get to work fast! I literally ran to the apartment, threw on my ER shirt and joined Zach on Shop Street for three hours of stamping.

Some things I encountered about while working:

Jeggings- the new fashion fad of leggings that look like jeans. Everyone seems to have a pair and anything that shows off the shape of the legs is in high demand.

We encountered an Irish girl telling us about the drinking age (legally at 18) starting at 12 when they all gather in the park and drink what we would call a fifth of vodka. That gets old around 16-18 so then they go and get fake IDs for the clubs and bars. She was actually really nice and talked to us for 10 minutes about her plans of world travel.

I’ve learned some Irish slang like lush – drunk and class- cool and the favorite being craic such as “I’ll get a stamp for the craic”. In this case it is like “for the fun of it”, but it can also be used like “any craic?” meaning “any news?” The other one is grand-which actually just means ok.

I’ve noticed that the Guarda (police force) are very fit and attractive. Men and women alike, they patrol around in their very professional uniforms possibly twirling a baton here and there…

At 6:30 we went home and I immediately started cooking dinner. I was tired, but I had the push through and get it done mentality. I ended up creating something wonderful with inspiration from Susan Loomis. I call it recipe for braised balsamic chicken.

Heat olive oil in skillet and brown chicken breasts on all sides 6-8 minutes. Remove chicken and place in oven safe dish. Add chopped Dutch onion and minced garlic to skillet with half squeezed lemon juice. Season (salt and pepper). Mix balsamic, olive oil and some grated mozzarella in bowl and pour over chicken. Top with onion/garlic. Bake in oven 20 min. Last 10 minutes add an herb – I used parsley, but rosemary would be wonderful. Remove and sprinkle with grated mozzarella and some more of fresh herb.

I added some gnocchi with tomato sauce to that as a side dish, and dug in. I was actually surprised at how much flavor the chicken had.

I went to Monica’s for movie night even though it was terribly windy and rainy outside. At her place, I bought my plane ticket to Germany and e-mailed Erika, the Slovenian. Then we curled up on her bed in PJs with popcorn while watching Guys and Dolls on her laptop. It was the classic scenario for a girls’ night. I had heard the name Marlon Brando before, but I’d never seen him in a movie. I think the “what a hunk” phrase should be associated with him. Old movies are funny. I had no idea they were actually still entertaining, and they get away with a lot more innuendos and things I would have thought inappropriate at that time.

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