Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Impromptu Half Marathon

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I was able to get out of bed and manage another run today. I ran the same route as I did yesterday, but when I got to the beach walk I came upon the Galway Half Marathon. I found this out by asking two guys who were stretching on the side of the road. They told me I should join, but I passed and kept on. Just then the loudspeaker announced that the race was about to start and for the latecomers who didn’t have numbers just join in, it was too late. When I heard this I decided to join in anyway. I merged into the middle near the back and was off! It was a great feeling again starting a race. The pace was much slower than a 5k, but I enjoyed visiting my old habit of picking off runners one by one. It’s amazing how much better I run when I’m with people. It isn’t as mental for me. Simple competition pushes me more than I can do by myself. Yesterday at the cafĂ© Scott told me he was a runner and I asked him if he needed a running buddy. I was promptly told no that he prefers to run alone. I was a little hurt by the curtness. So I was glad to have numerous people to keep me going today. I did an about-face just after the 2k marker. I was tempted to see how far I could go before collapsing, but I knew I wouldn’t make it to work if I did. I pushed myself to keep running till I got back to the finish line. I stretched a little, but I was feeling good after overcoming the exhaustion hurdle, so I kept running.

I had heard the farmer’s market was great on the weekends, but I had gone through once before I started working at Eddie Rockets and was not impressed. However, it was after lunchtime when I saw it. I was now able to go through and see it in its prime. The selection was incredible. I had some money with me for the sole purpose of purchasing some pesto and sun dried tomatoes. It took me a minute to find the booth, but when I did I was stunned. The selection was endless and the display beautiful. Variations of olives, hummus, cheeses, and sauces were all in wooden barrels to be scooped out and weighed. I beamed with excitement when I saw the lavender honey. I thought I might never be able to find this product of France, but it was here in the market. The man helping me offered up some flirtatious remarks, so I obliged him. I feel like a trip to the farmer’s market wouldn’t be complete without a little flirty conversation. I walked all the way back to the apartment cherishing my purchase of pesto and sun dried tomato contemplating when I would get to use it. That was until I realized I had no bread.

To complete my workout I stretched and completed an exercise routine I wrote down then tried out Shiva Rea. the mind becomes tired first, no im not a hippie just trying it out
Eddie Rockets

I actually make the equivalent to 15 dollars an hour plus a daily 20 dollar meal when I work. If I worked a normal week I would be getting something like 30,000 a year, but I don’t and I still have to pay for all my expenses in Euros. If I could somehow not eat or need shelter or any amenities, I’d be doing very well for myself working here.

I saw the runners again that I talked to about the half marathon. On of them actually recognized me with my hair down and in a cap.

Most Irish have been to Boston probably because they have more family there than in Ireland

I saw a lady today who was green. Her skin was actually green. Zach and I both just stopped and stared. She didn’t see us do so, but I was trying to see if her hands were green too, and they were. I was wondering if it was a self tanning thing gone wrong.

If my flight gets delayed on the 17th then I’ll be in NYC, I should just stay there a few days, or maybe catch a train to DC and stay with Erin or Sarah if they haven’t gone home yet. I kind of wouldn’t mind a delay now, I’m looking forward to the adventure. Flying the weekend before Christmas into any northern airport is going to be nightmare, but it was unavoidable.

I saw the three dogs again today, but I still didn’t have my camera with me. It’s a shame the camera on my phone is broken.

There is a man that walks around and starts playing spoons with all the performers. I’m pretty sure he is a bit crazy, but he’s a regular. I’m very familiar with all the street performers who are out and about on the weekends, but there was a new one today – a bagpipe man. I enjoyed that. It reminded me of the church service at home called Kirkin of the tartan I think. But he wasn’t as good as the ones that play that day in church (since we’re Presbyterian…Scottish…bagpipes).

I ordered a foot long and chocolate milkshake today in honor of the Cleveland County Fair of which I was unable to attend. Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy themselves.

The job has made me even better about talking to people and putting myself out there. I can’t be shy. I take insults with a smile and compliments with a grin.

After work Zach and I watched Shall We Dance with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to add to the list of classic movies which so far includes: Guys and Dolls, Top Hat, Singing in the Rain and The Millionairess. After the movie I was still tired and not wanting to go out. So I said if no one called I was staying in. Sure enough as the words were out of my mouth, Roberto gave me a call. Being the social butterfly that I am, I was unable to say no.

King’s Head had live music as usual, but the band was better this time and the crowd reflected it. The place was packed. We said hello to Erynn and Kathleen who were there as well. I meet a few more new people as friends of Marta’s and Demelsa’s from their English class, so they were from Spain too. Some of them were headed home after the weekend having finished up their language courses, so they were looking for a night on the town. We were going to join them and go to the disco (club), but got turned away for some of the party having sneakers and hats. So, we continued on our merry way to find the W(v)iking. The Wiking (Monica) had been out with some friends all evening and was about ready to go home when we found her. The group walked back to her house and stopped at Massimo’s on the way, but the crowd was ridiculous since it was after midnight and the list of possibilities still open had been greatly reduced. I voted on going home and that seemed to be the general consensus among most.

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