Friday, October 30, 2009

End to day light savings

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today was the end of daylight savings time in Ireland. I had it written in my calendar, but I did not check that, so I was parading around in my Eddie Rockets uniform when Zach informed me that we still had another hour. To pass the time I made signs announcing “American girl available for babysitting Monday- Friday and Saturday Sunday evenings” and “Shared room for rent (female only) 65 euro a week for up to one month in city centre” The latter I might not have to put up because it came to my attention later in the day that when Erynn moves home and leaves Kathleen next week, she is going to just stay where she is and pay both rents. However, I am going to propose that she move in with Zach and me. The only foreseeable problem is that I think Kathleen was planning on staying later than Dec.5 and that’s when we leave Galway – but worth an offer.

The weather during work today was a mix of rain bursts and sun accompanied by the ever present wind that won’t seem to leave the island now. It’s funny how even though it might rain, the wind automatically dries you before you get too soaked, so it works I guess.

Here is a little Irish dialect that I heard today: If it’s pissin’ gimme a bell before half five”. Translation: If it is raining hard, give me a call before 5:30.

Here is one for all the Gaston County peeps! Anyone remember Jiggers? I was talking about 50’s style soda counter places and Jiggers suddenly climbed out of the depths of my memory. I don’t even know if the place is still there, but that’s somewhere I’d like to go when I get home.

Zach was still a little on the blue side today and on top of that he seems to be getting sick. By the end of the day he had worked things out in his head so he said and we both chugged a glass of airborne. I’ve become to rely on that stuff so long as it’s mixed with some OJ, but I’m not claiming I like it.

For the remainder of the evening I’ve enjoyed making a pumpkin patch from the construction paper I requested from Ryan (since it is outrageously expensive and rare here). I also went art deco on the walls in my room creating combinations of rectangular color patterns across the bare surfaces. I’m rather proud of my work. It was certainly exciting. It made me appreciate all the things my mother and father did for me growing up. They were always working on projects to make life a little more exciting, especially around the holidays. Many decorations were hand-made. They wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t get some personal satisfaction in the labor, but I know they also did it for me because they’re great! (yea, I miss them). If there is one thing I can say is a trend in my thought process on this sabbatical it is appreciation.

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