Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Sunshine!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today was quite possibly the best weather day by far. I’ve been in Ireland two weeks as of toady. There was not a single drop of precipitation and it is predicted to be pretty weather like this for at least the next week maybe two.

I took a long walk today out to Salthill, the little community just south of Galway center city. The sun beating on my back and a crisp breeze in my hair was enough to spread a smile clear across my whole face.

Today was another job day. The Advertiser came out this morning with new job listings. I got up at 9 for a copy and began circling the possibilities over breakfast. I felt like I was in a movie. I’ve been blessed to have only seen people circling the classifieds on movie screens, but that’s exactly what it was like. I then began calling a few places. I have an interview tomorrow at 10:15 for a marketing job. I’m not exactly sure what it entails, but I guess I’ll find that out tomorrow. I also have an interview at 4pm for some housekeeping work at a Bed and Breakfast.

After making some phone calls, I headed out to see if USIT (the travel agency connected with BUNAC) had any internet resources or even part-time work for me. No luck on either end. Shame, since they are literally across the street. On my way to the library I stopped into the GASPCA thrift shop. On the window they have pictures of all the dogs needing homes through their animal shelter agency. I asked if they had foster home options for any of the animals, or how I could be of service while I was here in Galway. It ended up with me leaving my contact information in case they need some assistance. Sometimes dogs come in on Fridays an they can’t get them to the shelter till Mondays, so For three days they need somewhere to put them…that’s gonna where I come in if they need me. I don’t know how that works with the landlord, but I figure three days would be alright if they need me…and we have a doggie gate. With only the steps having carpeting.

I headed on to the library to use the computers there and e-mail out CVs to the places I was unable to call. I sent out around 6 e-mails. Two of them I forgot to attach the CV, so I quickly sent it along. Hope that doesn’t fault me I any way. Oh well. I hate being timed, and there is a counter on the computer for how much time I have left, so I was trying to change cover letters to fit the position and get the e-mail address. Anyway – it was stressful.

I looked at flights through RyanAir to London in two weeks. I talked to Aaron and he said he would be around and Zach and I can stay with him. Tickets are 25 Euro round trip if we go on a Thursday afternoon and come back Sunday morning. It’s great! Only problem is if we do get jobs and have to juggle the schedule with that weekend. Lots of “what ifs” to deal with right now.

After leaving the library I passed by the City Museum to ask of they had any kind of work available. They didn’t, but told me to check the café because it was run separately. The lady at the counter was the one who ran it. Early 40s I’d say. I asked her if she needed any part-time of full-time help. She gasped and said she really needed part-time help. She introduced herself as Ellie and said she was a bit busy right now, but she would give me a call soon and see what I could help her with. Most promising thing so far. The café was clean and orderly. I really liked her. She looked like the mom from Beethoven (dog movie). I’d like working with her. The museum is right on the river which feeds into the ocean.

I took my walk down by the ocean to Salthill. I discovered the best thing yet. Galway has a greenway following the curves of the ocean for about 2 miles. It is gorgeous, especially combined with what we would call shorts and t-shirt weather (but they don’t really wear those much over here). I met Boo on the way. A beagle mix who wanted to sit down and enjoy the day instead of keep up with her owner. I walked all the way down to the aquarium where the Green Dragon was on display. It was the sailboat used by Ireland in the Volvo Ocean Race that ended in June. This was interesting to me because about a year and half ago I had a guest speaker in my case studies class at UNC who was the public relations specialist in charge of organizing the Volvo Ocean Race. My professor took us all out to lunch with her (it was a small class). The planning that went into the race was crazy, but keeping up with the boats while they were touring around a good portion of the world was supposedly even more demanding and included a lot of crisis management.

I arrived back at the apartment about 45 minutes later after dropping off 4 more CVs. One at a fancy dress shop that sounded promising. Another bakery, restaurant and tea room. Dad would love it here. There are so many cream puffs and éclairs. The bakeries here have the right pastries – it’s so hard to resist, but so far I’ve only have one éclair. I might splurge on a milkshake tonight though. I did buy a container of Rolo ice cream from the store - toffee and chocolate with caramel swirl. I was reading last night and eating straight out of the carton – bad idea. Half of it is gone now, but I finished my book. I enjoyed it even more I think by knowing the bad part. The grief didn’t hit me quite as hard. Some would say I’m supposed to feel it all the way and not know, but I just can’t take it all at once!

It was about 3, but I heated up some leftover tortellini and finished it off. I had to use the stove because for some reason our microwave isn’t heating. It rotates and turns on, but no heat. It was in for 3 min. and came out as cold as when it went in. So I just used the stove. Our landlords are away in Marbella, Spain, till Wednesday for a wedding. Must be nice. I was there just 4 months ago. Seems like it was at least a year ago already.

The girls stopped by for a rest and then were off to go enjoy the sunshine. They are staying here tonight and maybe tomorrow. They don’t know yet. I rearranged the room again so the beds aren’t pushed together anymore. Oh well, I didn’t really use both beds anyway. [I think Zach must be using onions with dinner because my eyes are watering like crazy while I’m typing]. If the girls say more than 2 days we will ask them to chip in with rent. We decided it could be divided 50, 50 55, 65 a week. (I’m the 55). That would be so much better than 110 and alienate some pressure with a job deadline. Even if they were here two weeks or two months I could deal with the limited space for that decline in rent.

I went to The Gaf youth café after eating to investigate this internet situation. I can pick up a weak signal with my laptop at the apartment from them. Online I found out they are a place for 14-25 year olds to congregate with board games, internet, limited printing, video games, etc. [this onion thing is ridiculous. I’m in the other room and my eyes are just burning and the window is open!] I printed out a few CVs and talked to the people there in a very friendly way. When I asked about being able to access internet with my own laptop there I was told they didn’t have wireless. LIARS! Oh well, I was going to mooch anyway, but how could they tell me they don’t have wireless. I can see it, I just can’t access it.

[ It got so bad I had to go flush my eyes out in the sink. Zach saw me with tears streaming down my face. He thought something was wrong. I laughed, and said it’s never been this bad, but it was the onions! He apologized, but it isn’t anyone’s fault. Goodness, I’ve never reacted this bad]

After being lied to by the Gaf people, I went for a run on this pretty day. I ran on the greenway. I’ve never seen so many dogs. I took a detour to the ocean over many oyster shells. Now I see why they have a huge oyster festival in a little town about 30 min. south of here. It wasn’t as cold as I’d expected it to be, but I continued on my way. I ran down the really long causeway toward a power plant or something, but the STOP, danger, do not enter signs prevented me from going to the very end. It was a nice little run/walk back, and I found a pedestrian walkway by the river all the way from our apartment down to the ocean. There were so many people out today. Tomorrow I might actually get out my camera if the weather really stays this nice. I got tired of taking pictures with gloomy backgrounds.

Zach had made sweet and sour prawns and chicken with pasta. It also included peppers and about a pound of onion – the culprit. I picked out the prawns, but the rest was tasty. It’s nice only having to cook every other day.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack from South Pacific ( not a huge selection of CDs at the library), but it brings back happy memories of high school. Ashbrook did a production of South Pacific while I was there. I miss going to plays when they’re good ones. Some of the more modern stuff I don’t find as entertaining, but the oldies are goodies! If I can get an income, the theater is just right down the street.

I find that I’m hungry all the time. It’s probably because I do so much walking, but it’s odd. If I spend my money on anything it would likely be food. I keep thinking about meals I want to cook, food I want to try, and ingredients to stock up on. It’s crazy, like I’m never satisfied. It’s not really even for eating out. I want to cook it myself, but I need the ingredients.
After dinner, the girls took their turn cooking and then left for the internet next door. I spent the remainder of the evening listening to the traveler’s podcast (turns out it’s not that great), but I also looked through all the photos I have from four years at college saved on my hard drive. That was a mistake…I miss it all sooooo much now. I have some of the best friends I could ask for, and we’ve had some great times! Sadly, even going back it isn’t college anymore. Graduation changed that. We can still have fun, but the dynamics have changed. Here’s to the memories and the invention of photograph.

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