Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bread Makers

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This morning I received a call from the GSPCA (like the ASPCA for animals). They needed me to be a foster parent for the weekend till Monday afternoon. I was so excited. They actually called me. I had left my contact info to help out if they needed temporary housing for a pooch. They said it would usually be no more than a few days. This one was a Yorkie. I told them I was leaving for Cork on Monday morning and I was working till 7, but if they really needed me I could try my best to take her till Sunday night. They said they would call back and let me know.

Work was about the same as last weekend. Nothing too special. I meet a few guys who said they were from Bulgaria, California and Florida working on a ship that had pulled into the harbor. They were headed to America next, everyone except the Bulgarian who was not allowed to enter the US for visa reasons. Not exactly sure why, but that’s what they said. They were nice, and I saw them eating at Eddie Rockets later. I still feel like a pest sometimes, but too bad. I need money.

When we took our break I called the GSPCA and they said they found someone to take the dog, but they’d call again if something else came up. I was sad I did not get to keep the dog, but relieved at the same time I wouldn’t have to juggle a bunch of schedules. I had the club sandwich on wheat bread (trying to eat healthier at work). It was really good. I added a side of onion rings (not healthy!), which turned out to be 6 huge rings. I finished off 4 of them and Zach ate one, but the last one was left alone. However, I did polish off the four sections of the double decker sandwich.

Monica called right when I got off work. She was baking bread and wanted me to come over and help. I told her I’d be there within the hour. Zach and I ran into Roberto, Demi, and Marta again. They were headed out and told us to call when we got off work. The company was enticing, but I really didn’t want to do anything but sit in a quite place.

After regrouping for a little bit I walked over to Monica’s apartment. Her hands were covered to her wrists in dough. I helped her pour in more flour and oats while she kneaded the dough till the consistency was just right. I was so excited to be learning how to make bread. I’d always wanted to, but never taken the time.

We let the dough rise for about 30 minutes while we cleared off the dining room table- perfect for rolling the dough out. It was big enough and had glass top so it would be easy to clean. She had prepared a stuffing of ham, tomato, onion and cheese to go inside for a calzone-like roll. The recipe was her Uncle’s who is a chef in Norway.

I had so much fun molding the dough to shapes of semi-perfection, ok well not really perfect at all, but it was fun. We saved half for just plain rolls and she showed me the technique for a perfect roll. I even took three strands of dough and braided them to make fancy looking artisan bread that baked beautifully.

We took turns pulling pans of bread out of the oven while watching episodes of Extras, a British comedy with Ricky Gervais. When the last pan was done it was getting late, so I said goodbye and was sent off with a bag of bread to take home.

I’m so glad that I was able to find someone like Monica who seems to be just what I needed in Ireland

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