Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day on the Job

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I like the café work much much more, too bad I don’t get paid for that. I woke up and ate some cereal. Zach and I met Monica at Amnesty and walked to the ferry office from there. We got passes for 26 Euro for the day trip on Monday out to Inishmor. That’s the main island off the coast and the one Hilary and Katelyn are staying on. Zach went to the library from there, and I walked back to the apartment. I stopped in to talk to Mrs. Teresa and I purchased some more blueberries. They come over from Holland. I also mentioned I could help her out in the shop if she were to need me now that Kevin has gone to Scotland. She said she would keep that in mind.

Zach and I started work at Eddie Rockets at 12:30. Mei, the manageress, gave us our uniforms – women’s style t-shirt and baseball cap for me. We hit the main street at 12:45. For three hours I patrolled up and down opposite of Zach asking to stamp people for buy one get one free burgers and milkshakes at Eddie Rockets. There was a good response mostly, especially from the teenage crowd. It became somewhat of a fashion statement for them. The only places that do stamps for entry are currently the nightclubs, which they are too young to get. So this was an exciting thing for them. Many requested multiple stamps up and down the arms and even on the forehead. Zach and I took our break at 3:30. Eddie Rockets was packed. We had to wait for a seat. John was there taking orders, and everyone was in a frenzy. It appeared out efforts were not in vain. We took a seat at the lunch counter and I ordered a Cheesy Chicken Sandwich with chips (fries) and a water…all on the house. I mentioned to John when he took our order that the stamps seemed to be working. He said, “yea, but sometimes it can get a bit too busy to keep up”. Hey, I just send ‘em over, I can’t control ‘em! We ate and went back out a little after 4. This was the hard part. I just wanted to go sit down somewhere. I was full and tired. I still had another 3 hours to go. Zach and I stayed together this time, and that made time go buy a little quicker. I can’t tell you how many times I looked at my cell phone for the time though. I’d say I’m pretty good at what I was doing, but I would still much rather be in the café. When I got a degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Communication Studies and Public Relations, I did not think it would be quite this caliber of associated work. But, hey, I did this to myself. It was my choice to go to Ireland and so far I don’t regret it. I knew I would be doing work like this, or at least similar. I ran into a lady I knew from Amnesty passing out information on the Lisbon Treaty. She said, “ah, we’re both out tormenting the masses”. I agreed, but then I thought about it and while I might be a nuisance to some, others were coming to find us after deciding they wanted a milkshake after all. So we’re doing them a favor if they want it. I would say that I’m not so sure I would want to get stamped with this thing after seeing how many people it stamped today. I ran out of ink (proof I’m doing my job). I’d put money on there not being any kind of antibacterial in the ink that stamps one person’s hand after another.

At exactly 7, we turned in our uniforms and went straight home. Zach passed out on his bed. I made cookies and warmed up last night’s Indian food. I told you all I think about is food over here. It’s crazy. I don’t think I’ve gained weight. I walk so much I couldn’t. The cookies were out of a box I picked up in the grocery store. It’s unusual to have boxed mixes over here. We have a whole isle for them. They might have five at the most to choose from (that includes cookies and cakes). I guess it’s always from scratch. Plus there is a bakery or café every other store, so why would you need to make your own. The mix only made 8 cookies too. I added butter and water. I tasted the batter and could tell they wouldn’t be any good, and they weren’t. I’m ashamed to say I even mixed them, but it was food. Zach and I just finished watching The Nephew on my laptop (a movie borrowed from the Kesters). It was set in Ireland, actually on the small island in the chain we are visiting on Monday. I’m about to go to bed now. I have no energy or desire for anything else. I have to repeat this day all over again tomorrow…joy. The best part will be the smokey bacon burger I’ve already picked out for tomorrow’s meal.

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