Friday, September 4, 2009

Apartment Search

Zach and I decided we were sick and tired of dealing with hostel situations and in need of some consistency in order for the job search to proceed. He had no clean unwrinkled clothing and I was in about the same situation, not to mention greasy hair isn't appealing when you're applying for a job dealing with food!

I got up a little after everyone else in the room so I could have a little bit of privacy. When I got ready and refolded everything in my suitcase, I went around the corner to the TI (tourist information. I picked up some brochures listing hotels and restaurant, which I thought would be a good way to find somewhere I could work then I went over to the lady at the counter. I explained I had just arrived in town and asked what would be the best way to go about getting a job and a place to live. She got a Galway Advertiser for me. It lists all classified ads. She got me set up with a bus route map and a city map! Whee! I was off.

I found Zach sitting in the middle of the square pondering over a copy of the advertiser as well. I sat down to go over it with him, but of course it started to rain! Women here even have baby strollers with standard issue plastic rain covers. We ran into the nearest mall area and settled down to a Burger King table after I purchased an OJ. We both went through the accommodation to let section in Galway City, and then compared and divided the list. Burger King was blaring some music, so we found a bench in a quieter area to start calling the 17 each places. After weeding out the no longer vacant, too expensive, and couldn't understand ones we came up with a list of about 6 places to visit. It was 12 and our viewing appointments started at 2pm and lasted till 7pm. We had one place to check out first. Couldn't get too many details, but we got a general direction and that it was above a fruit stand...sounded sketchy, but we decided to check it out anyway.

Viewing #1:
The fruit stand was on Mary Street and It is actually a fruit and veggie stand. We weren't really sure where to go, so I took the paper and showed it to the guy in the shop. He said we'd come to the right place and grabbed a key to show us around upstairs! It was a nice place. Cute. 2 bedroom. 1 bathroom. Kitchen/dining room/living room combo.

Waiting on the landlord to open up the next place I think I took my jacket on and off 5 times in 20 min. due to temp and weather changes.

Viewing #2:
Gort Na Glaise apartment about a 20 min walk outside the center city. A 4 bedroom flat already rented by 2 girls. One Polish and one French. One bathroom for all. Kitchen and living room. The guy who met us there was really nice. When we told him we would call if we wanted it that we were viewing a few places he asked where our next destination was. He offered to take us there since it had started raining again. I walked around to get in and realized ooops! It was the driver's side. My mistake.

Viewing #3:
We were ahead of schedule and had to wait around again. It was actually only a 3min. drive down the street to this next place on Moneenageisha Court. This was a 2 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom and kitchen/living area. It was nice, but in the process of being painted and could only be ready by Monday at the earliest. We wanted a place by Friday if possible! Nowhere has had internet yet either.

Viewing #4:
Dun Na Coiribe. This place was a 4 bedroom with 2 people already in it. Sasha and Larry. I had talked with Larry on the phone about seeing the place. When Larry opened the door in this nice apartment complex not much unlike The Verge, I did not expect what I saw. A shaved head minus the blue ponytail in the back, gauges in both ears, piercings and such. He was polite and friendly, but the decor of skulls, 3 fish tanks and a reptile cage were not exactly what I'd say is to my taste. The apartment was nice, but again one of the rooms would not be available for 2 weeks...wheew, easy way out.

We had a little bit of time before our next viewing, so I popped over to Griffin Bakery and put in a CV in response to their help wanted ad. It is all girls that seem to work there in green t-shirts and green bandannas in their hair. I've never really worn a bandanna! This is my dream job. While I was there I picked up a chocolate eclair. It was delicious! I want to work there so bad I get jitters.

Viewing #5:
134 College Rd. This was a house. A rather large house with 11 people in it! We would have our own rooms with locks and a tiny bathroom. The kitchen and living room are shared with everyone else. The living room was smokey and the kitchen had locked drawers and fridges to be shared among 2 or 3 people. Kind of hostel like and not homey at all. However, it did include wifi. The people living there were all in their 20s and 30s and described as not wasters or alcoholics. So that's good I guess.

We had a lot of thinking to do, but options 1, 2 and 5 were the best. Mainly narrowed to 1 or 5 and leaning toward 1 actually.
We tried calling but got no answer, so we went back to the hostel. I laid down for a bit and was talking to two Aussies. One have been traveling around Europe for 5 months and still had a month to go. Just bouncing from hostel to hostel seeing it all. It's crazy. I don't think I could do that. She was even a seemingly normal girl, not your typical nomad. The other girl had been away for two months and was starting what would be a year of mixed travel and work. Crazy.

Zach came in and said Marcus (Canadian from Kilkenny) had arrived and wanted to go see the movie Funny People. A movie? on his first night here? alright, whatever! We headed toward the theater by way of neighborhood, woods, soccer field, stone wall, parking lot, and finally the building. The theater is just like the ones we have back home. 10 screen. The movie was alright, not really my favorite. The route we took back was more direct and under my navigational management.

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