Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A fairly eventful day near the end of my stay

Saturday, November 28, 2009

After work Marta and I meet in market. It was soooooo cold. We picked up my painting in the market! He gave me a very good price for a larger painting! I like the angle too and I will always have the creation of where I lived in Ireland! It was made from a plaster mold so it is a bit heavy, but I'll make room for it.

As we were walking across the bridge to meet Monica we saw people kayaking in the rapids of the river. They had to be crazy men who could not feel pain. The water must have been at freezing.

Marta, Monica and I all purchased a scarf/hood combo of different colors, but now the three of us matched!

We went for hot coco in a cafĂ© and Marta and split a bagel for lunch, she wouldn’t let me pay her back because of the feast I had prepared for Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to hear it, but when that girl makes up her mind there is no changing it. Monica had to leave early to get back to work, but Marta and I had a nice time just enjoying each others' company.

Later that day I went out to meet at Monica’s for tea and drawings by Demi. She loves her sketch book, which she carries with her! Monica had some Norwegian chocolates, supposedly the best. I admit they were good. She also had some gingerbread cookies her mom brought her when she visited. Eventually, the guys joined us and we decided to go out that evening.

Monica and I went to Blue Note, not wanting to go to the Crane bar. We split a cider and sipped it while warming by the fireplace where I was glad to have a front row seat. It is soooo cold here, even to Monica because it is a damp cold that chills you to the bones. Not A dry cold where you can just add extra layers to stay warm.

Monica joined me at The Front Door for my work party. We stayed about an hour and half before leaving. I listened to one of the guys, who just got engaged in Paris last week tell about his work experience with his fiancé in New Zealand. Cheap labor picking cherries from morning till 3 , great tan, good money and amazing scenery...sounds great!

Monica and I met up with Michele to go to a house party. We went back to his place to pick up his roommate and wait on another girl to join us. The party got moved from the house to a bar further away and the girl didn’t show, so the four of us went back to the Blue Note to find the others, but it was too crowded. We found a large table at Monroe's and the others joined us. His roommate was Irish, but a traveled enough fellow who seemed pretty nice. Monica and I are going over to Michele’s for dinner on Monday because he is going to show us how to prepare a proper Italian Carbonara! I’m excited!. Everyone else showed up at Monroe's too and I had them trying to get me to talk in Italian and understand. Michale was insistent, but I was tired and I really haven’t had much Italian so my vocabulary is rather limited. It was more thinking of English similarity or French similarity and maybe some actual Italian.

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