Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Day in Galway, but a few firsts before I leave

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I left the apartment only once today with Marta for some eggs. I woke up at noon and spent the day packing everything up and getting all my tickets in order. That was a lengthy nightmare! I discovered that the airport I am flying into – Frankfurt-Hahn- does not have a train station (which I thought was strange that it would have one). My bus connection arrived at the nearest station 30 minutes too late. I decided instead of waiting 4 hours in the middle of the night for the next train, I would stay the night in Frankfurt instead.

Marta had prepared lunch/dinner, which we ate at 4:30 of fried bananas, mushroom rice, fried potatoes and fried egg. It is called arroza la Cubano. I have never eaten fried banana nor a regular egg not scrambled. I hate banana usually, but if Marta cooked it, it’s usually good – same goes for Monica. Evidentially, when you fry a banana it becomes sweeter, which I liked. The egg mixed into the rice was tasty too.

Monica came over after dinner when she got off work. I assumed she’d give me a hand with the chocolate ├ęclairs I was going to attempt, but she decided to watch TV instead. The ├ęclairs didn’t turn out how I expected anyway. I was in a hurry and the dough was a bit odd. Mostly, I think it was because I didn’t have a “baking sac”. I cut the end off a plastic bag instead.

While Marta went to class, Jordi, Monica and I lounged around watching episodes of Father Ted.

Kathleen came over to hang out and say goodbye. Zach was at the pub with the au pairs, so when Marta got home Marta, Kathleen, Monica and I made some visits to say my goodbyes. It appeared to be a couples night so we left to see the ice skating rink. It was closed, but we still got to look in. Cute I guess, but not worth the quid. 15 Euro and the chance of injury definifely not worth it.

After that we went to Monica's house so she could change. We were goin dancin. First dance club I go to in Ireland and it is on my last night. I had borrowed Marta's dress beacuse all my stuff was packed and locked up. It was a beautiful artsy number and I was ready for some good dancin. Much to my dismay, the clubs in Galway are the last thing I would to choose to do again. We had some fun, but having to turn away creeps became annoying. It was 80s night, but I think I even prefer PTs to that - and that's sayin somethin. I did get to do the Macarena and they even played Christmas music in the club, so there was some bustin out of tunes.

We walked home after less than an hour there. Monica decided to go on home fearing that if she sat down in the apartment she wouldn't be able to get up.

Marta and I made hot chocolate and bagels with cream cheese, olive oil, tomatoes and ham. Zach was still up so he joined us. Then it was bed time!

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