Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Post for Ireland

Today has been a busy and sad day all in one. I woke up at 9 amd took a nice hot shower to start the day off. I finished up a few things, went to tell Monica goodbye, had some tea and then left in a caravan consisting of Jordi, Marta, Zach, myself and four pieces of luggage with Roberto running to catch up (he slept in).

Roberto made it to the bus station just before I borded. Many hugs and many goodbyes make for an emotional display.

THe bus ride was long, but I had my ipod. When we arrived in Dublin, I wasn't sure which side of the river we were on. I can never tell. I got off and unloaded my things from underneath. It was quite a load and an Irish guy offered assistance(just like Marta told me to find to help me!) He carried my duffel bag and I wheeled my suitcase and other hand bags. He was very nice. From Galway and in Dublin on business. He carried my things all the way to the USIT office which was thankfully just across the bridge and down a block. I thanked him and then went upstairs to report my arrival and figure out what to do with all this stuff. Most of it will be condensed after I get back. Some of it I am sure I will have to throw out, but I'm waiting till the last minute for that.

The bus did not have a toilet, so while the BUNAC people were sorting out my bags, I ran for relief! I don't understand why some of the buses have toilets and some don't. They go the same route, so you'd think it would just be standard.

I spent some time printing out my tickets for upcoming travel and making sure I had everything arranged as far as the taxes, bus stops, etc.

After I left USIT, I went to check in at my hostel where I have a 3 bed dorm all to myself so far. I picked the bed next to the heater and settled in! I get breakfast, but I have to leave to early for it. BOOOO! I am taking a 5:30 bus to get to the airport for a plane leaving at 7am. Maddie, here I come!

Dublin has all their Christmas lights up and a lot of stands on the streets selling Christmas products. I hope the ones in Germany will be much less commercial.

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