Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dun Laoghaire

On Saturday I spent a lot of time revising my resume to CV format that might be appeal to more of a customer service/hospitality job than an office job. Thanks to some much appreciated help, I was able to e-mail my first CV to the Newpark hotel in Kilkenny where I hope to be working soon! This was done yesterday evening, but the majority of the morning or I should say afternoon was spent in a little town on the coast just a 15 min DART (metro) ride to the east.

I decided to sleep till I woke up, which kind of worked but I was woken up finally by the vibrations coming from my "pound puppy stand in" (see tips for travel). It was Zach calling to see if I wanted to join him and two new people he had met at breakfast - Becky and Charlotte on a trip to a festival. They were leaving in an hour. I said I'd probably meed them downstairs to go, but was unsure. Realizing I had absolutely nothing else to do and would be by myself if I didn't go, I got dressed and met them outside the hostel. (Katelyn and Hilary had left for Galway earlier that morning).

As it turned out the festival was a world cultures festival! But it was located in Dun Laoghaire which we could get to by train ... whatever, I went with it. As our tour guide for the day was Nile. He was Charlotte's 'new' boyfriend. [back story real quick - Charlotte is a Canadian on a one year work visa in Ireland. She sent out a Facebook message to Irish people back in February asking about tips for her journey. Somehow that led to Nile. They started talking and it turned into an online romance over the past few months. He picked up at the airport 4 days ago and from what I can tell they get along very well - maybe a little too well in fact. They had no problems adhering to the European PDA culture, so Becky (from Wisconsin who had met and hung out with Charlotte only the day before was glad to have other people that could actually talk to her on a regular basis)]

Back to Saturday - A round trip train ride was only 4.60 euro. The festival was quite extensive. From what I could tell they had about every country represented. There was music you could hear through the town and even a dog dancing around! He was my favorite ... his picture will appear soon. If you didn't know already - the USA is famous for its muffins at least according to the one booth we found advertising American attractions. All they had were muffins! Yummy muffins though.

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