Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm sitting in my hostel unable to get a bed yet. It's sooo early! Zach and I have pretty much already walked the highlights of Dublin. Our plane got in at 6am, so we've had plenty of time. It's a bit dreary here and much colder than I expected. I guess it will warm up in the afternoon though.

I learned a lesson I had heard rumors of but had never experienced first hand. Never fly into New York unless it's your last resort. Due to a heavy fog, air traffic control was backed up and telling planes to hold their circling patterns till they could catch up. Turns out we were about to run out of fuel after about an hour of circles up and down the New Jersey coast. The first information given out was that we were landing in another airport to be bused over to JFK. Likely our luggage wouldn't make it. Obviously no one was happy about this. The girl sitting next to me was from the Ukraine. She spoke about as much English as I speak German (about 5 words). I asked if she spoke any French, but no luck. So, the rest of the flight I spent gesturing and trying to think of common English words she might recognize to explain the situation. As it turned out none of that was necessary because after another 30 min in the air we were able to land at JFK. The girl, Vera, had a connecting flight to the Ukraine leaving 40 min after we landed. She had asked me to help her and since I had about 4 hours to kill before my flight I took her to the gate a few terminals over. I was a little surprised when she pulled out her camera and motioned for a picture. I obliged (happy she thought engough of our encounter to document it) and then asked if she wanted to exchange e-mail. She smiled and pulled out a pen!

I still have not met up with Hilary or Katelyn (two other girls with BUNAC), but I think I will go to Galway with them on Monday and check out the city. Since Galway mainly relies on tourism and the seasion is dying down, jobs aren't as likely. However, I think the city might be a better fit for me than Dublin. The other downside to Galway in job hunting is the university population. There are two universities in Galway and plenty of students looking for the same type of job I'd likely acquire.
I might also bus down to Cork and see what it's like before I make a decision on staying in one of the cities.
Dublin so far has not impressed me. I realize I'm tired and it is overcast, but its also pretty dingy and not too interesting. I'm quick to make judgements, but I can relent my opinion if it's deserved. Take Florence for example: I hated it the first two weeks I was there, and after awhile it grew on me. By the end of a month I loved it. I keep telling myself that this situation will be about the same way. So, I apologize if these entries seem a little bleak for the next few weeks, but I'll perk up soon enough. It's hard on a gal missing all you guys :)

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