Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 2

So can I just say that although technology complicates things, it also makes me a really happy girl! I'm sitting here listening to "She Wolf" (I know, I know - but I like the beat and I admire Shakira for the way she move!). Next on the list to be downloaded through itunes is Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad" ( sorry Mark- I like the song even if it was at the expense of Midtown). I think it's safe to say I pat attention to more of the beats than the lyrics of songs. Listening to music makes me feel relaxed, excited, or nostalgic... it's amazing what a song can do. It can change my mood in a few seconds, and after another busy day I needed to feel relaxed.

Today's events consisted mainly of some housekeeping work. Last night I received some news of what sounded like a big set back in the way of getting a job that was going to take a lot of red tape and about two weeks. Thankfully the rumor was dispelled today and the set back only lasted about 2 hours. The topic at hand was acquiring a PPS Number (social security #) from the welfare office. After a loooooong orientation we were told the process could be completed today before 5 and only if they still hadn't met their quota. The other catch was in order to get this # required for getting a job, I needed a permanent address. Here is something about the Irish I find comforting. They are easy going, not sticklers in general. A "permanent address" could be the temporary address of my hostel or the USIT office where BUNAC is located just so long as I had something to present them with. The Guardia (police) at immigration was also VERY VERY helpful and saved Zach and I over 200 dollars! He was nice enough to give us a visa pass at the airport allowing us a little extra time to stay in Ireland (only allowed 90 days) without having to register and pay that expensive fee. I wasn't aware of the significance of this when he stamped my passport. If I could I would go back and give that Irish man a big Ol' hug. So this is what I have been told, I just hope that everything goes smoothly when I am actually trying to get a job in the next few days.

Now on to the job location topic - I find Dublin a better city than I did yesterday being the 'hot mess' that I was. I would compare this city more to Munich. It has a lot to offer and definitely a lot to do, but it is crowded like any big city should be. However crowded and rainy - not my favorite combo. Actually, the saying really is true : if you don't like the weather in Dublin just wait 5 minutes. It literally does change from sunny to rainy to cloudy to windy to any combination of those about every 5 minutes. Never seen anything like it. I need a little more stability than this. I suppose it won't be that much different in a smaller city, but at least I won't have to dodge people in the rain or get trash kicked up in my face from the wind.

That said the plan is to finish the stay in the hostel till Monday morning. The place is nice - typical hostel. I'm in a 6 dorm room. Last night I had a French family in three of the bunks who left town early this morning almost with my flip flops!!! Thankfully my bladder prevented this. I woke up when I heard the door shut around 8am. Needing to use the potty I looked down for my flops. NO WHERE!!! I opened the door to the hall and the family was still there. I asked if they had seen the shoes. The shoes were located and presented to me with an apology! I don't think it was on purpose. While they do have cute turquoise polka dots (courtesy of Sarah Sherrill) they are quite worn out. The room is rather skinny and trying to pack and unpack suitcases in here is a hassle. I took needed items out of my big suitcase and dropped it off at the BUNAC office to store till I find more permanent housing. Trying to communicate with the Frenchies was disappointing for me. Mostly on my part. They spoke English well, so I felt too intimidated and tired to attempt my poor knowledge of French although I did mention I had some knowledge of the language. One of them spouted of the time in French when I asked. After a few moments of a blank stare I was greeted with the question "what, you don’t know numbers in French?" In my defense... it was a 20 past 7 phrasing at a rather quick pace. Not the easiest thing to figure out.

The destination on Monday will then be Kilkenny. A medieval town about 1 hour south of Dublin. They have a hotel there requesting receptionists, wait staff, gym managers, and lifeguards. While most would think I might request the lifeguarding position I'm not. I've had 4 years of that and I'm pretty sure my certification runs out in a month (the cards are not even with me). I would like to give the receptionist a try or maybe even the gym thing. I don't know much about the city or hotel but I’ve begun my research and Monday Zach, Kathleen (another BUNAC girl), and I will journey for the night to check it out, interview and pass out a few other resumes if the place seems like a good fit. Wednesday's destination is uncertain but likely Galway to see what is around that area and do a few interviews if jobs are available. Katelyn and Hilary head down there tomorrow to scope things out.

I have an idea of Kilkenny in mind, which I hope matches my expectations. I think being able to easily walk out into the Irish countryside would be amazing. The town is still large enough to have chain shopping, a theater, and plenty of hotels. It is located between Dublin and CorkIreland's main attractions aside from GalwayRhonda (Ronda) I recently visited, and that place was one of my favorites.
(about an hour from each) but also in the center of county. It sounds a bit like the Spanish town of Ronda) I recently visited, and that place was one of my favorites.

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  1. Although I think Cobra Starship has drastically tarnished Midtown's legacy, I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about what a great song can do for the listener.

    Keeping that in mind, Dublin has one of the better rock music scenes these days, so I hope for that reason alone, you reconsider staying in Dublin permanently.

    Glad to hear you made it over safely!