Saturday, January 30, 2010

Almost Home!!!!

When I arrived back in Ireland it was raining...go figure. I walked the bustling streets one last time, ate some Chinese food and struggled to repack my suitcase. It was a little more difficult than I imagined, but I was going to try to take what I had.

The next morning (basically that night for me since it was still dark) I caught the airport shuttle at 5am and proceeded to check-in.

My suitcase was 5 kilos over weight. I bent down and started unpacking my luggage. I was moving things to my carry on, and trying to get it down. I finally got one kilo over and they allowed it to pass. Problem was my carry on, which was already stuffed. Now, it was busting. I put on more layers. I was now inside wearing 3 layers and 3 coats. I have never sweated so much so early in the morning in my life.

The lady working for Delta was very nice. She was trying to follow protocol, but could see I was struggling. She told me that she would clear my carry-on, but that I might still have to make it smaller when I boarded. I thanked her and went on with an over-sized carry-on duffel and bookbag attached to a rolled up duvet I was trying to pass off as a blanket.

I passed a stand with drinks and immediately bought I water. I was dying! It ended up costing me the equivalent of $5, but I had to invest.

After waiting to get into the international area I discovered I was going to have to throw some more stuff out. I had already left an entire bag of knick-knacks from clothes to flashlight and shoes in the hostel. This time I literally chucked my tennis shoes and a few shirts in the nearest trash can to pass security with something that didn't look like a monster of a bag. Not to mention I was sweating like crazy...oh, security - this girl looks suspicious!

I crashed into the nearest seat in my terminal once I passed through customs. Some time had passed while I was trying to cool my body temperature down when I heard my name called over the intercom. I went to the desk and the gate attendant asked me if I was traveling alone. When I responded she asked if I'd like to be moved up to first class. I couldn't believe it!!!!! Of course I said yes and she changed out my ticket. I was thrilled when they called the elite passengers to board first and no questions were ever asked about the amount of carry on I had since there was soooo much space in fist class.

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